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You're probably here because you sell, promote, or manufacture products, and need professional product photography to make your products look their very best. Look no further, you've come to the right place!

It's no secret that great product photography increases sales and lends professionalism and credibility to products and the people selling them. Many of my clients come back to tell me how excited they are about the way great product photography has transformed their website or catalog and added a new level of quality.

My job as your product photographer is to make your products look their absolute best. My team and I take our time on every piece we shoot, giving each shot the individual attention it deserves. The results are beautifully clean, crisp images that show your products in their best light.

Product photography, however, is only half of my job. The other half is taking care of my clients! I've always been a big advocate of great service and putting in the extra effort to give people a great experience. Many of my clients tell me that the ease of the process, affordability, and friendly service is why they keep coming back.

Enjoy yourself and take a look around. Above all else, review some of our past work. In many cases you'll be able to find photos of products similar to yours. We've recently added hundreds of new images to this section to better showcase our current work.

Thanks for visiting, feel free to contact us any time, whether you're ready to get started, or if you just have a question. I'm always easy to reach.

Atique Ahmed CEO FILMEX.

Sample Images



UNLIMITED COVERAGE: We have no specific limits on either time or the number of photographs created. We start early, stay late and use enough film to do the job right! Our full wedding coverage usually lasts in excess of eight hours. We don't charge extra for this extended coverage.

CASUAL PORTRAITS: Often called engagement portraits, as session of romantic casual portraits is included at no extra charge. This session is done weeks or months prior to your wedding. If you have a favorite spot, we can go there. If not, I know of some delightful places. This session allows us the chance to get to know each other a little bit better so that by the day of the wedding you'll be working with an old friend! Many couples like to lead off or end their albums with a selection from this session. This extra portrait session is included in the basic wedding creation fee.

BRIDAL PORTRAITURE: We offer a formal bridal studio portrait session scheduled in advance of the wedding day. Scheduling this session in advance allows more time on the wedding day to capture all of the emotion special to that day. A somewhat "fussier" session than anything else we do, separating it from the rest of our wedding coverage allows us the luxury of time to tend to all that details that will show both the bride and the gown to best advantage. Scheduled long enough in advance, there will be time to prepare a wall portrait that can be displayed at the reception. There is no extra charge for the formal bridal session.

PLANNING AND FLOW: We'll work with you to plan your coverage so that you get exactly what you want. We'll be happy to share ways to achive a smooth rhythm and flow so that your wedding will be just as you dreamed.

PROFESSIONALISM: Your wedding will be beautifully photographed without turning it into a media event. We're very much aware of the dichotomy created by a desire to preserve this once-in-a-lifetime event on one hand and the serious religious aspect of the ceremony on the other. We work every hard to provide the photographs you want without disturbing the ceremony or your guests.

EXTRA TOUCHES: We work as a team to help keep things organized and running smoothly. This includes everything from sorting out bouquets and boutonnieres to making an emergency sewing repair. The more we can smooth the day for you, the better our photographs will be, and that means greater pleasure for you in the finished work!

Sample Images




360 Product Rotations can become one of your most invaluable sales tools. On the web there is nothing better than giving your potential customers a great example of what your product looks like, from all angles. We can create 360 product rotation displays for most products quickly & inexpensively because we do everything in-house. You send us the product, then we photograph and develop a 360 Product Rotation movie in Flash format ready for your website. We can also add turn left & right, rotation start & stop, and other custom 360 product rotation controls.

By using our high quality 360 rotating product images on your website, your visitors will see a full 360 degree revolving view of your product and other objects. Your customers will be able to interact with the images by controlling their speed and direction of rotation, learning more about the product and spending more time on your site. Our rotating images are interactive, viewer controllable displays of your products in 360 degree views,


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